The children had a fabulous week learning about Autumn in Nursery. We went on an Autumn walk and collected lots of different leaves and Autumn treasures.

It was cold outside so we warmed up with a nice cup of hot chocolate.


We tried different painting techniques to paint leaves. Marbling was our favourite.


Some children made a clay dish by using a rolling pin to press the shape and pattern of the leaf into the clay.

We made a huge Autumn tree and individual trees. We also made crowns.


Fantastic Faces

The children have worked very hard in nursery this week.  They listened to the story ‘How Do You Feel?’ and discussed the different emotions the boy was feeling. The children then made play dough faces and paper plate faces.


Incredible ICT

The children were shown how to use the interactive smart board this week to draw a face. They were fantastic at using the pen and changing the colour. They followed step by step instructions to complete their pictures.